Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Lifestyle Ideas

  • Pastels aren't done yet! Switch from Easter lavender and pink to summery blue and yellow!
  • Mix spring and summer (and pastels) with pastel sailor collar blouses. Angelic Pretty and Meta make a number of sailor-style tops 
  • Four spring sweet/country looks, add a white, frilly half apron (a la old school Angelic Pretty)
  • One thing I love to see (mostly with Japanese Lolitas) is themed outfits - not like a particular color or print but a theme like "Antique Doll", "European Student" or "Aristocratic Maiden". Try to coordinate outfits with a specific scenario or lifestyle in mind
  • For more spring outfit inspiration watch the Marie Antoinette cottage field movie scene (where she is in the garden with her friends and garden). Not only does it have amazing outfits, but cute sheep too!
  • Make Daisy chains with a best friend
  • Plan a lazy pic-nic by yourself (read books, cloud gaze) or relax with friends
  • Spring clean your room, office, closet or entire house to make way for fresh spring air (and new spring dresses, of course). Bring in a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers to refresh the room. 
  • Visit an exhibit or research about antique and historical spring clothing styles from different eras for outfit inspiration
  • Look into a new skill to learn - I'm currently looking on roller skating (not going to hot)... but I've also been interested in learning to play the accordion as a result of Imai Kira's beautiful St. Canary prints!

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  1. I love the idea of making a coordinate with a theme/scenario in mind. It's like creating a fairytale with yourself as the main character--which I guess is what lolita is all about.
    I'm with you in learning new skills. For me right now it's sewing and crochet.