Monday, March 28, 2011

Innocent World Tsunami Charity Event

Hello everyone. I just wanted to inform that Innocent World has released their lucky packs, with 5% of the proceeds benefiting victims of the Tohoku earthquake (via Japanese Red Cross). I know it doesn't appear to be much to donate, but Innocent World was originally planning this lucky pack event before the disaster and chose to alter the event for charity.

Their website states: "At first, we thought about canceling the Golden Week Set and the Tea Party.
But we discussed what Innocent World can do, and what we should do for the disaster areas, and came to a conclusion. We decided to change the contents of the event."

In addition to the lucky packs, from Thursday, March 17th to Sunday, April 10th, Innocent World will be setting up donation boxes at their shops. 

The packs are avaliable in two styles, Set A and Set B. There are several color choices but only sizes M and L. The A set includes "spring and summer skirts and a blouse or a bolero + little goods", while the B set includes "spring and summer jumperskirt and a blouse or a bolero + little goods". I don't think I'm going to buy one though because I can't take chances with the sizing. Anyways, this would be a great opportunity for IW fans who are looking to help out those effected by the tsunami.

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