Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Flakes and Earmuffs

Yesterday, I was able to complete my earmuffs! Plus a little panda stuffed animal for one of my friends for Christmas. I got the pattern from a cute Japanese book called "Palm-Sized Softies". I most likely post a few scans at a later post. I also managed to do something I had wanted to do for weeks, but couldn't find the time for... paper snowflakes!

Aren't they cute?
On my mirror
Finished earmuffs!

Lil' panda

 Here are a few other things I picked up 

Cards with little strawberries
A Victorian Christmas-themed tin
Detail shot


  1. I love those ear muffs! You should make a tutorial on how you made them.

  2. Your little panda is so cute! The ear muffs are also so sweet!