Monday, November 1, 2010

November Lifestyle Ideas

  • Round your friends up for raking leaves - promptly followed by jumping in them of course! 
  • Pumpkins don't just disappear after Halloween, so try decorating a few small once and displaying them - perhaps with gold paint or copper glitter for fall
  • Make a batch of Snickerdoodle cookies and hand them out to your friends, co-workers or student peers - bonus points if you use a basket!
  • Maybe think about a Little Red Riding Hood-themed photo shoot - a red outfit would match beautifully with fall leaves
  • Make a list of 5 things everyday that make your happy or grateful- try to keep the list up all month
  • Incorporate fall into your wardrobe with colors like pumpkin, burgundy, mahogany, bronze and cream
  • Send fall-themed greeting cards to your friends and family - bonus points: use a traditional wax seal for your letters~
  • If the weather isn't already chilly in your niche of the woods start searching for a winter coat! Remember the A-line shape and opt for frills and faux fur when possible
  • Spice up your mornings (literally) with cinnamon-apple crepes or waffles!
  • Perhaps look into visiting an equestrian ranch to try your hand at riding side-saddle like a lady

1 comment:

  1. Cinnamon apple crepes sound amazing. Looking for a coat now, it is so hard because they are so cute, and I need one for mild and harsh winter conditions.