Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unusual Brand Item #2

Today's unusual brand item comes from Metamorphose. This bandanna is the head wear component to the "Gardening Teddy" print series.

Although I do applaud their attempts to venture beyond the head bow or rectangular headdress, I don't think I would feel comfortable wearing this. Judging by the fact that I automatically thought "babushka" (or "бабушка") in my head, my guess is that this item is bringing me back too much to my Polish ancestry. Maybe the babushka style would work for a country inspired outfit, but not for classic coordinate in my opinion. I'll give meta an A for effort, but I do not this this piece suited the rest of their coordinate.


  1. Personaly I don't like it in all for this kind of style... even for country lolita I'd prefer a hat than a bandanna ... Appart is too small and looks weird :S Of course that's my humble opinion :p I'm sure will be someone who love it!

  2. I agree, I don't like it in general either, but if I *had* to pick a style, country may look the least silly. I also agree, hats are much cuter though.

  3. If the person tied in behind the head and let the ribbons hang down the back I might be more into it, but I generally don't like tying things under my chin like that. It's not a bad design, in itself it is rather pretty but I don't see it for classical and the fabric choice makes it a little off for country.

    But I kind of see where they were going with it.

  4. I don't really like the bandanna... But I just don't like this kind of headwear at all :D


    Sorry to bother you with this kind of question, but... do you really have polish ancestry?^^ I hope it doesn't seem too awkward, it was just a nice accent for me to read since I'm Polish myself :D

  5. Haha I do! I don't live in Poland or anything, but my mother's side is 100% Polish to my knowledge (they came over around WWI). :)

  6. Thanks for the answer and greetings from Poland :D